Cotswolds In Winter

There’s nothing quite like the Cotswolds in winter. With its enchanting villages and rolling hills, it transforms into a winter wonderland during January and February, making it the perfect time to plan your new year escape to this idyllic destination. Here are five compelling reasons why the Cotswolds, especially The Ragged Cot, should be at the top of your winter travel list.

 1. The Captivating Winter Landscapes

The Cotswolds take on a serene beauty in winter, with frost-kissed landscapes and charming villages adorned with twinkling lights. Wander through the icy meadows and explore quaint towns like our very own Minchinhampton, where the Cotswolds in winter reveal a different, yet equally enchanting, side. If you love the great outdoors, this beautiful corner of the Midlands is about to become one of your favourite destinations.

 2. Experiencing The Cotswolds In Winter

Immerse yourself in the local winter events that add a touch of magic to the season. The local area plays host to a wide range of exciting events that capture the spirit of the season and draw in visitors from across the country. Discover unique artisanal products at the local markets or embark on a winter trail through the picturesque countryside – each experience promises to make your winter getaway truly special.

 3. Food For The Soul

Winter is synonymous with indulgent dining, and The Ragged Cot provides the perfect setting to savour hearty, seasonal cuisine. Picture yourself by the crackling fire, relishing delectable dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. With a 20% discount on food when you sign up to our newsletter, this is the season to treat your taste buds to the rich flavours of the Cotswolds. Sign up here to enjoy this tasty discount!

 4. Cosy Accommodations In Historic Surroundings

Escape the chill by retreating to the charming and historic accommodations at The Ragged Cot. Each room is a sanctuary of comfort and character, providing a warm haven after a day of exploring the wonder of the Cotswolds in winter. Book directly and use the code WINTER23 to enjoy a 10% discount on your room, ensuring a delightful stay that won’t break the bank.

 5. Beat The January Blues

If there’s one surefire way to fend off the January blues, it’s by making a trip to the Cotswolds in winter. Making The Ragged Cot your winter destination of choice is an absolute must since we’re offering an irresistible combination of dining and accommodation at reduced rates. With rooms currently at a 10% discount, your new year escape becomes not only memorable but also affordable. Whether you’re seeking a romantic retreat or a family getaway, The Ragged Cot invites you to bask in the warmth of its hospitality and relish the magic that defines the Cotswolds in winter. Book your stay now and let the charm of the season unfold in one of England’s most captivating regions.

Bonus Reason: Bottomless Brunch At The Ragged Cot!

Ask and you shall receive! By popular demand, we’re launching our brand new Bottomless Brunch Club in January! Join us on the second and last Saturdays of each month for an hour of bottomless drinks, including cocktails, wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks. You’ll also get to tuck into a dish from our brunch menu, all for just £35 per person! Bookings for our Bottomless Brunch Club are now open, so give yourself something to look forward to in the new year and book online today!

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