As the year draws to a close, it’s time to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new in the heart of the Cotswolds. Join us at The Ragged Cot for an unforgettable Cotswolds New Years Eve celebration, where delectable menus, lively spirits and the breathtaking landscape come together to create a night to remember.

Dining Delights On New Years Eve

If you’re looking for a leisurely start to your celebrations, start your Cotswolds New Years Eve experience with a delightful Sunday lunch served from 12-4 pm. Whether you’re a fan of Herefordshire Beef, a Cotswolds Leg of Lamb, or are seeking vegan and vegetarian options, our carefully crafted menu has something for everyone. With options ranging from curried parsnip soup to pulled pork bonbons, there’s a flavorful choice for every discerning palate.

From 6pm onwards, our special Cotswolds New Years Eve menu takes centre stage, featuring an array of mouthwatering dishes that cater to all tastes – 6 courses for just £80pp! Picture this: appetisers that tantalise your taste buds, smoked duck breast and bacon butter that leaves you craving more. Luckily, more is what you get with course after sumptuous course featuring spiced rabbit and celeriac terrine, pan-fried scallops and black peppered venison loin, which is just a glimpse of the culinary feast that awaits. For dessert, indulge in spiced apple cake, vanilla mascarpone mousse, or the vegan alternative, ensuring every palate is satisfied.

After indulging in the culinary delights of the evening, linger over drinks until the early hours. Sip on your favourite cocktail, savour a fine wine, or have your fill of local ales as you share laughter and stories with friends and loved ones. As the clock strikes midnight, step outside to witness the breathtaking fireworks over the Cotswolds landscape, a spectacle that marks the beginning of a new chapter. There will be no staying in with Jools Holland this year!

Book Your Cotswolds New Years Eve Early!

As anticipation builds for this magical night, we encourage early bookings to ensure you secure your spot at our Cotswolds New Years Eve extravaganza. Gather your friends, family, or that special someone and join us for a celebration that seamlessly blends culinary excellence, festive ambience, and the warmth of Cotswolds hospitality. Get in touch to book your table now and let’s toast to the memories of 2023 and the adventures that await in 2024. Call 01453 884643 or email

All of our menus, including our special Cotswolds New Years Eve menu, are thoughtfully designed by the culinary geniuses at Food Champs, who provide highly skilled private chefs and a wide variety of catering solutions for every occasion. Click here to check out their website!

Exciting Plans For 2024

As we prepare to ring in the new year together with a very special Cotswolds New Years Eve, the team at The Ragged Cot is already buzzing with excitement for what 2024 has in store. From themed events to culinary adventures and everything in between, we can’t wait to welcome you back for another year of unforgettable experiences.

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From all of us at The Ragged Cot, here’s to a wonderful new year!